For every three hamburgers that Mc Donalds makes, they use 9 pickles. Write the ratio in simplest form. How many pickles would they use on 100 burgers?

Accepted Solution

They will use 300 pickles on 100 hamburgers.Step-by-step explanation:Given, Ratio of hamburgers to pickles = 3:9Ratio in simplest form = 1:3It means one hamburger uses 3 pickles. No. of burgers = 100Quantity of pickles = No. of burgers * Pickles per burger[tex]Quantity\ of\ pickles = 100*3\\Quantity\ of\ pickles=300[/tex]They will use 300 pickles on 100 hamburgers.Keywords: Ratio, MultiplicationLearn more about ratios at:brainly.com/question/6075514brainly.com/question/6105786#LearnwithBrainly